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Research topics

Research topics

Research topics:

Epigenetic effectors as novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets in human neoplasms and susceptibility to COVID-19 infection & progression 

Bioenergetics, metabolism and transport of metabolic biomolecules (D-Lactate, Pyruvate, L-Proline, Fumarate, Succinate, L-Malate, ATP, ADP,AMP,AMPc, NMN), vitamins (i.e.Riboflavin), cofactors  (FAD, FMN) and coenzymes(NAD(P)+/NAD(P)H)  by isolated and bioenergically active  mitochondria under physiological and stressful conditions


Mitochondria, flavin homeostasis, NAD+ synthesis, Proline & amino acid metabolism, nucleotides, Riboflavin, Transmembrane electrical potential (ΔΨ) assays,  transport, innovative biomarkers


Innovative markers in disease prevention and personalized medicine  (4P)

Candidate probiotic strains, with health-improving properties, isolated from traditional Italian food