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Curriculum - Prof.ssa Maria Luigia PALLOTTA



Maria Luigia Pallotta, Biochemist

Full Time Permanent Researcher  (SSDBIO/10) /Assistant Professor,

Department of Medicine and Health Sciences, "V. Tiberio"-

University of Molise- Via deSanctis-86100 Campobasso (ITALY).

Office Tel:+39.874.404673;Fax+39.874.404778.

Mobile phone +39. 392. 1528730 -E-mail: 


  • She received her Agricultural Sciences  Master Degree from University of Bari-Italy (June1986) score 110/110, with dissertation on Food Chemistry- experimental thesis  -more 2 years at  lab of prof Pallavicini, Head of Dept Prof Catalano "Preparazione ed analisi di coprecipitati ottenuti da miscele di proteine di soia e siero di latte trattate con proteasi "-.
  • (i.e. Protein Isolation from food matrix,  protein assay, N determination in micro-Kjeldahl digests,  Protein purification,  Enzymatic Assay, Kinetics, Inhibition, SDS-PAGE, Disc Electrophoresis, Isoelectrofocusing, HPLC, et al.)  
     She taught some years Chemistry, Biology and Astronomical Geography at high school, (i.e. Classical Liceo in Ostuni and Fasano, Brindisi, Italy) and,
  • concurrently, she attended Pallavicini ‘s lab, at University of Bari & improved her knoweledge on  Food Chemistry & Technology.
  • Moreover she worked, for free,  like pubblicist & designer together her husband TI -Urban Planner & Landscape Architect +SpatialAnalyst GIS -GIS Web-
  • & for organizing charity events with her friends (on 7 March, 1991 arrived to Brindisi 25000 people from Albania, it was a major  emergency)
  • After winning a public competition, she joined at University of Molise, October 1991
  • Dipartimento Agricoltura, Ambiente e Alimenti from 1991- to 1993
  • Dipartimento  Scienze Animali, Vegetali, Ambientali, from 1994-to 2001
  • Centro Ricerca e Servizio di Ateneo per la Formazione “G.A. Colozza”  from 2002- to 20005
  • Dipartimento di Medicina e di Scienze della Salute from 2005 to 2019
  • National scientific eligibility  as -Full-time position- as Permanent Researcher (Settore Concorsuale G05, Microbiology,Technology & Agricultural Chemistry, bando PDN 205, del 29/10/1993 GUN 98 bis del 10/12/93) University of Udine,  oral score 10/10
  • Permanent Researcher (Settore Concorsuale BIO/10) 2002


  • Training

  • Proteins Separation– Institute of Neurobiology,  National Research Council (CNR)–Rome 1993 

  • Capillary Electrophoresis –Institute of Neurobiology National Research Council (CNR)–Rome 1993 

  • Molecular Biology in diagnostic - BioResearch Center -Milan 1993

  • The Digoxigenin System for the Labeling and Detection of Nucleic Acids, National Research Council (CNR)  Bari 1994

  • Molecular Biology–Advanced course, Biomedical International Science Park  San Raffaele Milan, 1995 

  • LC/MS advanced techniques in HPLC Perkin Elmer, Rome 1996 

  • 7th European PCR Seminar Tour, Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore, Faculty of Medicine, Rome 1996 

  • HLA typing by sequencing: comparing experiences, Center of Advanced Biotechnology, San Martino’s   Hospital, Genoa 1997  

  • Bio-technology applied to molecular diagnostic Center of studies on Mitochondria and Energetic Metabolism  - SIBIOC Trani (Bari) 1997

  • Quantitative PCR- State of Art and new technology-Group of Clinical Biochemistry, University of Florence, 1998

  • Progetto Proteoma -Techniche integrate per lo studio di proteine, Perkin Elmer, Roma 1998

  • Italian–Japanese Bilateral Meeting on Bioenergetics, University of Bari, 1998. 

  • Shaping the future: the impact of structural biology- M. Brunori (La Sapienza), R. Huber (Nobel Laureate), J. Walker (Nobel Laureate), D. Wiley (Harvard University), K.Holmes (Max Planck Institut fur Medizinische Forschung), S. Harrison. Rome 1999 

  • Genes and Responsibility ‘s civil Scientist - G. Martini,G. Corbellini, E. Boncinelli, J. Beckwith, U. di Porzio. Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies, Naple, 2000

  • The next revolution: bio e biotec- J. Meldolesi, B. Sitia, F. Terragni, House of Culture, Milan 2000.

  • Structure and dynamics of RNA and DNA viruses –J.Johnson, the SCRIPP Research Institute La Jolla, L Gehrke Harvard Medical School,  Boston December 2000.

  • MFCS/win Basic operator training- Braun Biotech International Biostat B Bioreactor System that covers a wide range of applications, extending from use as a flexible basic unit for preclinical research to a fully qualified system that complies with the requirements of a validated GMP environment.  Campobasso, 2001

  • Microarray User’s Meeting-Istituto Nazionale Malattie infettive “L. Spallanzani”, Roma, 2001.

  • 1st International Meeting on Yeast Apoptosis, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal  2002. 

  • Yeast as a test tube for pharmacological drugs screening University of Washington, Seattle, WA. July 27- August 1, 2004

  • Mobility: a space for the exploitation of research. Rome, National Research Council (CNR) , 2005 

  • World Day of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Economic Development, 2005, Rome.

  • Microfluids: lab-on-a-chip technology for protein and nucleic acid assays  “ Experion System” – Campobasso, 2006 

  • Nuove tecnologie e Sviluppi nell’analisi del Proteoma, Medical School,Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"2006 

  •  Database searching-Basic Rules & Tools-FEBS working group on Teaching Biochemistry in Europe, Istanbul 2006
  • 3rd International Conference on Functional Genomics of Aging, ISMETT Palerm 2007 (only listener)
  • 3rd Cell Stress Society International Congress on Stress responses in Biology and Medicine and 2nd Word Conference of Stress Budapest 2007 
  • Use of ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC) for making real-time pooling decisions for process chromatography-Waters, CB 2008
  • EndNote and EndNote Web, Scientific Library, National Cancer Institute,  Frederick, Maryland, US, April 2014  
  • Research Integrity Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei Rome, March 2015
  • Transdisciplinary Research in Energetics and Cancer (TREC) Workshop, ISBNPA Cancer Prevention & Management SIG, Edinburgh June 2015
  • Strategie di utilizzo e le novità della piattaforma bibliografico/citazionale per la Ricerca 'Web of Science' + InCites Benchmarking & Analytics, Giornata formativa 9 aprile 2019, Biblioteca di Ateneo, organizzata dal Prof.  Pozzolo Delegato del Rettore per il Sistema bibliotecario e le attività museali di Ateneo, Campobasso
  • English language courses
  • English language course- during all primary schooling , with Profssa Savastano, Bojano CB
  • English language course-London July-August 1978
  • English language course-Centre of English Studies- July-August 1995 Dublin Ireland English language course for Intermediate learners”
  • Operational Program 1994/99”Research, Technological development and Advanced Training”  From May To October 2001, 100/100 score ultimate test,  Campobasso  Italy
  • English language course for High Intermediate learners, Malta January 2002 
  • Advanced course- English Language Center-Boston Massachusetts May-June 2005. 
  • Research topics:
  • Bioenergetics, metabolism and transport of metabolic biomolecules, nucleotides, cofactors and coenzymes by isolated and bioenergically active  mitochondria under physiological and stressful conditions;
  • Innovative  biomarkers for improving  diagnostics in 4Pmedicine 
  • Microbiota & nutaceuticals
  • Realization and organization of the following symposium
  • Meeting with joined sessions GIBB (Italian Group of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes)-Membrane and Bioenergetic Group of SIB (Italian Sociaty of Biochemistry), Prof Passarella/group team, Italy, June 1997.
  • From research to calendar Multiple Sclerosis  Supervisor Prof Pallotta 2015-2020 May 2015 Campobasso
  • Membership in scientific societies:
  • SIB (Italian Sociaty of Biochemistry)and GIBB (Italian Group of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes) -since 1999-;
  • Women in Science (since  200
  • EUSTIM (European Society for Translational Medicine)2016,
  • ISM (International Society of Microbiota)  2016
  • ISHS 2019 (International Society Horticultural Sciences)
  • ESCI 2019 (European Society of Clinical Investigation)
  • SiBioc 2019Società Italiana di Biochimica Clinica e Biologia Molecolare chimica
  • Member of the council of PhD in Applied Biochemistry and Chemistry, University of Molise (from 2003 to 2005);
  • Member of the council of PhD in Health Science, University of Molise (from 2005 to 2014)
  • co-mentoring  thesis PhD abroad
  • Teaching activity   from 2002   to 2019
  • Propedeutics biochemistry (from 2002 to 2014) (SMS)
  • Biochemistry, (untill now) (SMS)
  • Bioinformatics, (STA)
  • Amino Acid metabolism, (STA)
  • Nucleotide metabolism, (STA)
  • Applied Biochemistry  (corso di laurea specialistica in Biotecnologie, interfacoltà Scienze Tecnologie Alimentari-STA  & Scienze Biologiche) 
  • Biochemistry (STA)
  • +4340 Student from  AA 2002/2019+ other academic experiences from 1991to 2002 Students???
  • Academic appointments
  • She was Member of Senate of University of Molise 2003-2006, Area Activities A
  • Member of Committee for recognition credit transfer at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Molise, from 2003  to 2010
  • Member of Committee for the evaluation foreign students  at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Molise, from 2004 to 2009.
  • She was invited academic guest at Metabolism and Cancer susceptibility, Center for Cancer Research, NIH, Frederick, Washington MD United States from April to May 2014 (Research: NAD(P)+/NAD(P)H pool studies by means of Fluorescence-Based Techniques in cancer cells).
  • E’ stata nominata componente delle commissioni per il conferimento dei titoli di dottore di ricerca in Biochimica e Biologia molecolare (XVI° ciclo) e Tecnologie cellulari e Molecolari in Fisiologia (XVI° ciclo), Università degli Studi di Bari (aa 2003-04);
  • E’ stata nominata componente delle commissioni per il conferimento dei titoli di dottore di ricerca in Tecnologie cellulari e Molecolari in Fisiologia (XVIII° ciclo), Università degli Studi di Bari (aa 2005-06).
  • E’ stata proponente di un progetto di didattica integrativo dal titolo”Attività integrativa, propedeutica e di recupero volta a migliorare qualitativamente l’offerta didattica e finalizzata ad assicurare ad un maggior numero di studenti la rapida progressione nelle attività curriculari previste nel corso di laurea frequentato e ridurre abbandoni e ritardi”, per
    un numero di ore pari a 44 presso il Centro Ricerca e Servizi di Ateneo per la Formazione G.A. Colozza, approvato dal Senato Accademico dell’Università degli Studi del Molise e realizzato nell’anno accademico 2002/2003.
  • E’ stata nominata Presidente della Commissione preposta alla preparazione del test“Selezione per l’accesso al primo anno del Corso di Laurea in Scienze Motorie e Sportive- per l’anno accademico 2010/2011
  • e componente in tutti gli anni accademici successivi incluso AA 2018/2019
  • Research Funding
  • COST Action CA15203  EGneiger MitoEAGLEEvolution-Age-Gender-Lifestyle-Environment: mitochondrial fitness mappingPallotta ML MitoPedia topics: EAGLE COST: Member COST WG1: WG12018/19
  • Unimol, Dept Medicine  2016 Candidate probiotic strains, with health-improving properties, isolated from traditional Italian dairy products PI MLPallotta, with Prof Colavita & prof Gaspari
  • PRIN 2006 Genomic and proteomic approach to investigate lateral root formation in woody plant under environmental stress-component Unity of Molise University
  • PRIN 2004 Cross talk between organelles in response to oxidative stress and programmed cell death in plant - component Unity of Molise University
  • FIRB 2003 Metodi teorici e computazionali per lo studio dell’interazione proteina-proteina e proteina-DNA (by means of  BLOSpectrum software)- component Unity of Molise University-
  • PRIN 2001 Bioenergetics: genetic, biochemistry and physiopathology
  • CNR 2000 Subcellular organelles and regulation of metabolism PRIN 1999 Bioenergetics and membrane transport -component Unity of Molise University-.
  • Mi.C.I.A. Project “Cereal Improvement for Agro-Industrial Innovations” Ministry of Agricultural Policy Project POP “Evaluation of antioxidant activity of Agro-Industrial products” Region of Molise -component Unity of Molise University.
  • +++et al.(by private mail)
  • Reviewer Activity 

  • Several Journal (high & low I.F.)

  • Journal of Biological Methods (JBM) Board Member, San Francisco, California, US from 2014
  • Different Journals  on Microbiology/Medicine/ Biotechnology Issues within   Editorial Team & technical expertise for evaluition in Academic Journals next  IF on Scopus/IsiWEb
  • More of 33 years of experiences on:
  • HPLC fluorescent   and UV detection

  • Spectrofluorimetric techniques & technologies

  • PCR, Cloning techniques analysis of gene and protein expression, i.e. enzymatic activity assays, cell viability and cytotoxic assays, 

  • Generation of knock out and over-expressing yeast strains

  • Electrophoresis

  • Immunochemistry

  • Polarographic oxygen analyzer

  • Statistical analysis; 
  • ExCellent  command of Microsoft office tools (Word, Excel, Power Point);
  • Excellent knowledge of graphic design applications ( Corel Draw, Paint, Photoshop, BioDraw et al.)
  • Excellent knowledge of applications on Enzymatic kinetics & Inhibition  (Grafit, ecc)

  • Mitochondria

  • Flavin homeostasis

  • NAD+ synthesis via NMN 1-3  enzymes

  • L-Proline metabolism,

  • D-Lactate metabolism and  transport

  • Nucleotide pool (i.e. ATP, ADP, AMP, AMPc, GDP, GTP, NMN)

  • NAD(P) + / NAD(P)H  cytosolic and mitochondrial pool

  • Riboflavin + FMN+FAD synthesis, catabolism and transport in mitochondria

  • GSH/GSSG assay

  • ROS and innovative  markers in stress conditions

  • Transmembrane electrical potential (ΔΨ) assays in different metabolic conditions

  • Specific biomarkers for improving  4P diagnostics in medicine 


  • Knowledge, skills & attitudes  

  • oral  & written communication skills;

  • mentoring activities;

  • team working skills; 

  • problem solving;

  • work planning and organization;
  • grant writing and project management;
  • courses, meeting and events organization;
  • teaching activities;
  • scientific dissemination activities (writer /copywriter on different blog, for references, or
  • press office 
  • only with people good will'


  • for references on researches' activity 

  • Prof Cosmo Pallavicini (lab's training & mentoring) Università di Bari

  • Profssa Claudia Sorlini; Università di Milano

    Prof Franco Dellaglio; Università Di Piacenza, Cattolica

    Profssa Sandra Torriani Università di Verona

    Prof Valerio Giaccone Unimol; Università di Torino

    Prof  Antonio Girolami; Universià di Napoli

    Prof Salvatore Passarella; Università di Bari

    Prof Donato Chiatante; Università Varese Insubria

    Prof Aurelio de Sanctis Università delle Marche

    Prof ssa Maria Barile Universitò di Bari

    Prof Donato Pastore Unimol; Università di Foggia

    dottssa Daniela Valenti CNR, Bari

    +et al

    James M. Phang, M.D.,Center for Cancer Research
    National Cancer InstituteFrederick, MD 21702-1201

    Erich Gneiger MD,PhD, Innsbruck University, Austria