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  • Marino, S. 2023. Understanding the spatio-temporal behaviour of the sunflower crop for subfield areas delineation using Sentinel‐2 NDVI time-series images in an organic farming system
    Heliyon, Volume 9, Issue 9, e19507
  • Marino, S. 2023. Understanding the spatio-temporal behavior of crop yield, yield components and weed pressure using time series Sentinel-2-data in an organic farming system, European Journal of Agronomy, 145, 126785.

  • Marino, S. 2023. "Assessing the Agronomic Subfield Variability by Sentinel-2 NDVI Time-Series and Landscape Position" Agronomy 13, no. 1: 44.

  • Ahmad, U., Alvino, A., Marino, S. 2022. Solar Fertigation: A Sustainable and Smart IoT-Based Irrigation and Fertilization System for Efficient Water and Nutrient Management. Agronomy 12(5),1012.
  • Ahmad, U., Nasirahmadi, A., Hensel, O., Marino, S. 2022. Technology and Data Fusion Methods to Enhance Site-Specific Crop Monitoring. Agronomy 12(3),555