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Tavella S, Biticchi R, Schito A, Minima E, Pagano A, Di Martino D, Vortkamp A, Horton WA, Cancedda R, Garofalo S. Targeted expression of SHH affects chondrocyte differentiation, growth plate organization and sox9 expression. J. Bone Min. Res. 19, 1678-1688, 2004.          

·         Barbieri O, Astigiano S, Morini M, Tavella S, Schito A, Corsi A, Martino DD, Bianco P, Cancedda R, Garofalo S. Depletion of cartilage collagen fibrils in mice carrying a dominant negative Col2a1 transgene affects chondrocyte differentiation. Am. J. Physiol. Cell. Physiol. 285, 1504-1512, 2003.

·         Kelly G. Gaiser, B. Kerry Maddox, James G. Bann, Bruce A. Boswell, Douglas R. Keene, Silvio Garofalo and William A. Horton. Y-position collagen II mutation disrupts cartilage formation and skeletal development in a transgenic mouse model of SED. J. Bone Min. Res. 17, 39-47, 2002.

·         Garofalo, S, Horton, WA. Genetic-engineered models of skeletal diseases II. Targeting mutations into transgenic mice chondrocytes. Methods Mol Biol. 137, 491-498, 2000.

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·         B.K. Maddox, S Garofalo, W.A. Horton, M. Richardson, and D. Trune. Craniofacial and otic capsule abnormalities in a transgenic mouse strain with a col2a1 mutation. J. Craniofacial Genetics 18, 195-201, 1998.

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·         W-C. S. Su, M. Kitagawa, N.Xue, B. Xie, S. Garofalo, J. Cho, C. Deng, W.A. Horton, X-Y. Fu. STAT activation by mutant FGFR3 responsible for a lethal form of dwarfism, thanatophoric dysplasia type II. Nature 386(6622), 288-292, 1997.

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·         K. Mukhopadhyay, V. Lefebvre, G. Zhou, S. Garofalo, J. H. Kimura and B. de Crombrugghe: Use of a New Rat Chondrosarcoma Cell line to Delineate a 119-Base Pair Chondrocyte-specific Enhancer Element and to Define Active Promoter Segments in the Mouse Pro-1 a(II) Collagen Gene. J. Biol. Chem. 270 (46), 27711-27719, 1995.

·         M. Metsaranta, S. Garofalo, C. Smith, K. Niederreither, B. de Crombrugghe and E. Vuorio: Developmental expression of type II collagen/b-galactosidase fusion gene in transgenic mice. Dev. Dyn. 204, 202-210, 1995.          

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