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Pubblicazioni 2020 e 2021

Tamburro M., Ripabelli G., Sammarco M.L., Di Tella D., Guerrizio G., Fanelli I., Nakken L., Trematerra P., 2020- Alphitobius diaperinus: the potential role in the transmission of human pathogenic bacteria. – IOBC/wprs Bulletin, 148: 73-77.

Trematerra P., Conti B., 2020 – Integrated Protection of Stored Products. - IOBC/wprs Bulletin, 148: 1-429.

Vrabič Brodnjak U., Jordan J., Trematerra P., 2020– Resistance of packaging against infestation by Sitophilus zeamais. - Journal of Food Science and Technology, 55: 2970-2980.

Trematerra P., 2020– Combined control of Lasioderma serricorne (F.) and Ephestia elutella (Hbn.) in a tobacco processing facility by attracticide method. - J. Appl. Entomol., 144: 598-604.

 Trematerra P., Colacci M., 2020– Auto-confusion of Ephestia cautella (Walker) infesting dried fruits in a confectionary factory store. J. Stored Prod. Res., 89.

Trematerra P., 2020- Strumenti decisionali e Integrated Pest Manegement nelle filiere alimentari. Tecnica Molitoria, LXXI, ottobre: 49-59.

Trematerra P., 2020– Update to the “Catalogue of Lepidoptera Tortricidae of the Italian fauna” (2003-2020). J. Entomol. Acarol. Res., 52 (2): 45-49.

Colacci M., Spina G., Boccamazzo M., Sciarretta A., Trematerra P., 2020– Evaluation of light-trap with coloured glue-boards for sampling and control of the house fly Musca domestica L. - J. Entomol. Acarol. Res., 52 (3): 61-66.

Sciarretta A., Calabrese P., Trematerra P., 2021 - Evaluating the presence of larvae of the European grapevine moth, Lobesia botrana (Denis & Schiffermüller), developing on olive trees in some central-southern Italian regions. Phytopatology, 49(1)13-20.

Carvalho O., Charalambides M.N., Djekic ́ I., Athanassiou C., Bakalis S., Benedito J., Briffaz A., Castañé C., Della Valle G., Nunes de Sousa I.M., Erdogdu F., Hailu Feyissa A., Kavallieratos N.G., Koulouris A., Pojic ́ M., Raymundo A., Riudavets J., Sarghini F., Trematerra P., Tonda A., 2021 - Modelling Processes and Products in the Cereal Chain. Foods, 10 (82): 1-18. 

Trematerra P., Goglia L., Colacci M. 2021 – Faunistic notes on Lepidoptera Tortricidae of Gargano territory with recrding of Ancylis minimana(Caradja, 1916) new to Italy. – REDIA, 104: 45-53.

Trematerra P., Pistillo O.M., Germinara G.S., Colacci M., 2021 – Bioactivity of Cereal-and Legume-based Macaroni Pasta Volatiles to Adult Sitophilus granarius (L.). Insects, 12, 765: 1-14.