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-) Perone, C., Orsino, M., La Fianza, G., Brunetti, L., Giametta, F., Catalano, P. (2022). CO2 use and energy efficiency in closed plant production system by means of mini-air handling unit. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering. Volume 252 LNCE, Pages 506 - 515

-) Perone, C., Orsino, M., La Fianza, G., Giametta, F., Catalano, P. (2021). Study of a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery to control temperature in a monitored agricultural environment under summer conditions. Journal of Building Engineering, 43

-) Bianchi, B., Tamborrino, A., Giametta, F., Squeo G., Difonzo, G., Catalano, P. Modified rotating reel for malaxer machines: Assessment of rheological characteristics, energy consumption, temperature profile, and virgin olive oil quality. Foods, 2020, 9(6), 813

-) Al Riza, D.F., Kondo, N., Catalano, P., Giametta, F. A preliminary study on the potential of front face fluorescence spectroscopy for italian mono-cultivar extra virgin olive oil discrimination. Journal of Agricultural Engineering, 2019, 50(1), pp. 5–11, 822

-) Caponio F, Squeo G., Brunetti L, Pasqualone A, Summo C, Paradiso V.M., Catalano P, Bianchi, B. Influence of the feed pipe position of an industrial scale two-phase decanter on extraction efficiency and chemical-sensory characteristics of virgin olive oil. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, Volume 98, Issue 11, 30 August 2018, Pages 4279-4286