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Elenco delle pubblicazioni

  1. Microclimatic control in confined agricultural environments for plants cultivation; Chemical Engineering Transactions, 2021, 87, pp.229-234, Orsino, Perone, La fianza, Giametta, Catalano;
  2. Controlled Mechanical Ventilation to reduce Primary Energy Consumption in Aie Conditioning of Greenhouses; Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, 2020, 67, pp.399-407; Perone, Catalano, Giametta, Brunetti, Bianchi;
  3. Experimental study on optimizing cheese drying and riprning process; Int. J. Of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, 2012,5(4); Giametta, Sorrentino, La Penna, La Fianza;
  4. Microclimate measuring and fluid-dynamic simulation in air industrial broiler house: testing of an experimental ventilation system; Veterinaria Italiana, 2015, 5(2), pp.85-92 Bianchi, Giametta, La Fianza, Gentile, Catalano