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A Novel Approach to Optimize the Industrial Process of Membrane Concentration of Grape Musts.Bianchi B., Molino B., Catalano F., Giametta F., Molino A.J., Ambrosone L. ChemEngineering 2023, 7(3), 48.

Experimental Tests in Production of Ready-to-Drink Primitive Wine with Different Modes of Circulation of the Fermenting Must. Catalano F., Romaniello R., Orsino M., Perone C., Bianchi B., Giametta F. - Applied Sciences 2023, 13, 5941.

Optimization of process variables for the sustainable extraction of phenolic compounds from chicory and fennel by-products.Baiano A., Romaniello R., Giametta F., Fiore A. - Applied Sciences 2023, 13, 4191.

Estimation of K value and free fatty acids of adulterated olive oil using fluorescence spectroscopy coupled with multivariate analysis and convolutional neural network models. Omwange K., Saito Y., Itakura K., Al Riza D. F., Giametta F., Kondo N. - Engineering in Agriculture. Environment and Food. EAEF 15 (1): 34-46, 2022.

Study of a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery to control temperature in a monitored agricultural environment under summer conditions.Perone C., Orsino M.,  Giametta F., Catalano P. - Journal of Building Engineering. Volume 43 (2021).